Round #3 - Loss and Love

Round #3 is over and done.  I am halfway done with chemo which is so nice to know.  Unfortunately, this week as been bittersweet.  My poor Duffy took a turn for the worse and I had to say goodbye.  He was an amazing companion during my first cancer and I had hoped that we would have many more years together.  He truly would have made a great therapy dog.  Calm and comforting and always there to make sure I was moving even on bad days.

I feel like he must be my doggy guardian angel because side effects this round have been much more tolerable. Although I did crash emotionally following his death so maybe the day of crying/xanax and napping made the difference.  Next round I will definitely take it easy Day 4 to see if that helps.

Danean threw a punch at your cancer.
Danean, John sent you a prayer.
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I am so sorry for the loss of Duffy. I wish you well during your second battle with cancer. I’m sorry to read you received a new dx- prayers for healing and wellness. You definitely have a furry angel watching over you. Love and prayers ❤️🙏🏻
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I know you can’t imagine it now but hope you can find another dog to love in the next phase of this story- a dog who needs you too!
I am so sorry you lost your furry love dog. They are so therapeutic, especially when you are going through all this yucky stuff. I keep you in my prayers and thoughts. Chemo is never pleasant. My husband is going though it now, its a necessary evil for now. Love coming your way
I am so sorry to hear about Duffy. Pets give us so much comfort, especially when we are in real need of it. I'm sure Duffy is watching over you as you continue in this journey. Sending you virtual hugs and healing thoughts and prayers.
Sorry to hear about your canine pal. Time for a PET scan to see if the bad cells are being pounded into nothingness? That would be quite a great booster if you get a nice clean scan showing nothing lighting-up that shouldn't and shrinkage. Hope you have other friends helping you through this body 'tune-up'? No matter what, you've got your BFAC friends, and you are stuck with us- sorry about that, but we are all here, and nobody is ever alone in treatment, at home, on the table, in the pleather chair; we are here with you. MGBY,
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