Hair Loss 2.0

I'm totally enjoying hair loss again by trying a new hair color I've always wanted to try.  Red!  Unfortunately I may have waited a little too long and will have to shave almost immediately.

Updated post to show shave went well.


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Fantastic color- I love red hair- even if it's not "original equipment". BC ladies, any suggestions how to keep it, even if very short?
I think that color looks great on you! Will a cold cap during future chemo help (not sure how many rounds you are having)? I knew nothing about those when I had chemo--wish I had. Might be worth checking in to.
Nope not worth it in my mind. I barely survived this winter since it honestly just ended in May. I refuse to be cold.
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Yes, I agree, we have had the worst weather on the planet this so called Spring in Michigan and Ohio; in 5 weeks the days get shorter already, this 40° rain is getting really old. Sunshine and 70° would be great someday this year! It would lift my spirits. I totally understand why no ice cap. And chemo can't take away the twinkle in your eyes. By the way, you remind me of singer Annie Lennox with the new rocking hair! MGBY, John
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