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So I'll be doing 6 rounds of TCH (Taxotere, Carboplatin and Herceptin). The Herceptin will continue for a year so 16 infusions in total. Again it's a 21day cycle.  I will have 6 weeks of Radiation following chemo (unless the standard changes before then...when I met with the radiation oncologist he hinted the standards are up for review and it may change)

I like the new oncologist.  Like my previous one he has great calm manner and seems optimistic.  He even stated that this chemo is less agressive than the RCHOP so hopefully side effects aren't quite as bad.  Hairloss and Periphal Neuropathy are the two he emphasized.  I don't care about the the hair loss but am concerned about the neuropathy since I still battle with the effects from the chemo 7 years ago.  Anyoe have success with the cold gloves or socks to combat the effects?  I'm tempted but since this winter will never leave not really wanting to spend the next 4 months with cold hands and feet.

Today is my chemo education with the infusion nurses.  I chuckled and said i'll just look at this as a refresher course.  I reread my old blog posts so I may be asking for alternatives to the Zofran since it gave me such bad headaches the last time.

As for my new nonNHL status I think I'm just going to add my breast cancer stats to my profile in addition to the NHL. 

Totally forgot to ask oncologist if this is considered a secondary cancer.  Gee maybe the chemo brain starts just from entering the treatment center. 

Liane sent you a hug.
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Danell, we can always blame anything on our NHL R-CHOP 'Chemo Brain'- right? Not to be cold, but I read somewhere about they were trying a 'cold cap' on your head to help with hairloss (which is the opposite as you want to be warmer)?
As far as cold hands, which we've had in Michigan and Ohio for the past 6 months of winter, here's a new one: Ove Gloves! If you don't need any dexterity and want to warm your hands up really fast, a few minutes in the ole Oven Mitts Ove Gloves does wonders. Also, Jobst makes a compression knee-high stocking that is made out of a really thick cotton, and you will not have cold feet with those- see if you can get an Rx for a pair with very light compression?
The R-CHOP "IV Cocktail" always included generous amounts of Benadryl which not only helped reduce nausea, but gave you a nice nap. Also, I assume that since you're NOT having Rituxin, you won't be tethered to the IV pump for 6-8 hours, but it should be a much 'quicker' process?? I hope that everything shrinks so much that minimal to no radiation is required.
May God Bless You on your second time around.
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Yes my understanding is the infusion will be a lot faster. Premeds then about 2 hours for the T & C the Herceptin is a targeted therapy so first round will be a slow push like Rituxin about 90 minutes but follow ups will be much faster.
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I'm glad you now have a plan and that you like your oncologist. Good news that this chemo may not have quite the serious side effects that you experienced before. I have no experience with the cold gloves or socks, so I can't speak to that, other than to say I freeze all of the time when the temp dips below 70 degrees, so those don't sound like fun to me! However, John has given you some good advice. John rocks!

When do you get your first round of chemo? I hope all will go well for you, my friend. I know you can do this! Now, I'm going to go pump some iron and hop on the treadmill for you! Hugs!
First round is scheduled for 4/24. Good news is 3 of my favorite nurses are still working at the center where I'll receive treatment. So nice to see their friendly faces today.
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I can't ad anything to this particular chemo but can tell you cannibis oil infused in eatables helped my husband with nausea and appetite. Zofran didn't do the trick. I know its not legal in all places, but it's such a help for cancer patients that it's to bad.
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My Inc said he could prescribe tablet style form only in Michigan and Ohio, but no smoking variety allowed!
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Onc (thank you spellchecker for changing my text)
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There is a drug made from a derivative of cannabis, I think that's one of the drugs the insurance companies don't want to pay for. The eatables work fine for us to improve appetite.
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