Here we go again.

So I have been diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  7 years after completing treatment for NHL.  Luckily, I found the lump on a self exam and it is Stage 1.  I had a lumpectomy and will see my oncologist this week to find out what Chemo i will be receiving.  New this time radiation.  

Anyone know how to add a new diagnosis to my profile?  Trying to decide if it is possible or if I should create a new profile with this new cancer.

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Sorry to hear that you're a "repeat customer". Glad you found it at Stage 1- so, if it hasn't visited the lymph nodes, can they treat you with just chemo and pass on the radiation? Just asking, I'm no doctor(Dr. Johnny Fever, DJ) but worth asking.
I'd send Admin Jill a message about your profile.
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Don't know how to ad a second diagnosis but others have been able to somehow. I wouldn't ad another profile because most people would miss your history. Besides all that--- So sorry you have to deal with chemo again. It's so good that you found it and it's early, stage 1. As we all know early is key. I'm sending positive energy and prayers to you.
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You need a black cloud emoji geeze nut thank god you got it early prayers its allgood from here
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The pre-op nurse at my lumpectomy said "Girl it's like you've been struck by lightning twice." Still no winning lottery ticket.....I'm pissed.
Oh no! I can't believe it. I am just in shock. How are you doing? Right now there is no way to add an additional cancer type but I emailed Dee and he is going to look into it.
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Thanks Jill! The shock comes and goes for me. Originally I was just happy the lymphoma had not returned. I did not want to deal with the stem cell transplant. When I see the oncologist tomorrow, I'm going to ask if he thinks this is a secondary cancer from the previous chemo.
yeah, i wonder if it is a secondary cancer or something completely new. Wonder if they will know.
So sorry that you have to deal with this beast again!!! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.
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Danell, my heart sank when I read your post. I am so, so sorry to hear this. Such good news that it has been found early though. I have a friend in Indy who just went through similar circumstances--lumpectomy, followed by radiation, although I don't think she has had any chemo. I don't want any of my friends to have to go through this! I will certainly be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers and hope you'll keep us posted on BFAC. Hugs!
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Danell, Well damn, that’s lousy. But you would have thought cancer would have learned you’re a winner last time. Now you’re just gonna have to kick the daylights out of it again. And you will. Best wishes. Keep smiling. Bill
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Man, oh man! That is so not fair (although all cancer is not fair, a double whammy is just cruel.) I got a second cancer about three years ago. I had NHL right after you did - I remember reading your posts for hours when I was first diagnosed. I did my six chemo and radiation and said goodbye to NHL. I had funky menstrual cycles after the chemo and I figured it was related to all the treatment and never for a moment thought it was cancer. They got worse over time and I finally had it checked out and was diagnosed with uterine cancer. The NHL diagnosis left me shocked and devastated. My reaction to the second one was anger! I could not believe it was happening again. After I calmed down, I got my big girl pants on and did what I needed to do. I had a hysterectomy, more radiation (ugh) and am ok again. So here's giving you confirmation that you can recover from two types of cancers. You will be in my thoughts as you go through your battle again. I know you're a warrior and you are going to get through it, but sorry you have to put the battle armor on again!
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They thought it was completely unrelated and not a secondary. Just a side note, my NHL oncologist likes to think that me having NHL and doing follow up scans are why they found the uterine cancer so quickly. So he tried to spin it that having NHL may have been a good thing. I had a hard time seeing it that way! After the second cancer, they did do a genetic test to see if genetically I was pre-dispositioned and that came back negative.
I should have noted that I always had funky cycles even before cancer so I've always had issues in that arena. The only reason it was diagnosed was a routine NHL CT Scan showed inflammation/enlargement around my uterus and ovaries. And that was probably the last year I had regularly scans so in all seriousness, had it happened a year later it may not have been caught.
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Isn't it just mind boggling that all that RCHOP didn't get rid of every kind of cancer possible?
Thanks Kelly! We must be extra special ladies. Did they ever tell you if they thought the uterine cancer was a secondary cancer due to the RCHOP?
Any update for us Danell?
Getting ready for a new post. I have my chemo education today and MUGA tomorrow.
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So sorry to hear you have to take this road again, but glad to hear it is in the very early stages. My heart goes out to you and sending you tons of strength and determination for your next chapter. You've got this, you will ride a bumpy road, but I know your strength will beat this again. Sending positive vibes your way and a big hug!!
We did add a new drop down box for a second cancer type. It doesn't have all the fields that go with it but you can at least add it to your profile.
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Danell I was away out of internet range and missed this. I am just stunned, not least as to how calm you are. HUGS
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Danell I just saw this and realized what's happened to you. I'm so very sorry you're going through this again! I went through and second cancer as well - thyroid cancer three years ago but luckily did NOT have to do chemo as it had not spread yet beyond my thyroid gland. Damnable Cancer!!! I am so very happy to hear this is stage 1 and not gone to lymph nodes for you. You were a source of so much strength for me while going through chemo together in 2010. I hope I can help in any small way now. I will be praying all goes well for you and for a healing and recovery. Sending huge hugs out to you from Chicago!!
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