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Radiation Starts Today

Sorry I've been MIA.  Chemo Round #6 ended in a knock out.  I think my body just hit maximum toxic level.  I am slowly returning to life although still battling fatigue and weakness.  Today I start whole breast radiation.  I'll be receiving 20 treatments total.  So I'll be done in time for Canadian Thanksgiving.

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WOW. You just don't get a break. Hang in there!!! The BFAC team is rooting for you!
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Glad the chemo is over. Be sure to rest, rest, rest. Hang in there sweetie.
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#6 is a TKO, but as long as the cancer cells get KO for good, then the blows are worth it. That is a good way to describe the final round of chemo as your body has an accumulation of toxins by then, and you feel like you couldn't carry a gallon of milk six feet. Good luck with part two of the good fight!
MGBY, John
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Wow, you have been through a lot and now 20 radiation treatments. It will be hard but so worth it when you are on the other side. You go girl, you'll get this done and recover with a new outlook on life, again. Just know that we are all here rooting for you, sending love and positive energy your way.
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Danell, I'm sorry round #6 was so rough for you. I hope radiation goes well and passes quickly so you can get in recovery mode. Keeping you in my prayers!
Hey Danell. Long time since we've spoken. Wow I log on here and see now you have breast cancer? MAN! really? So damn sorry to hear that. I just went in for biopsy of nodules in my thyroid now. It's 30% enlarged and i have 4 nodules they are looking at. Hoping I don't get bad news. Hang in there lady!
Fingers crossed your biopsy doesn't show anything bad. I have Hashimoto's so routinely I've had thyroid biopsies. I'm hoping your issue is something simple.
Danell, hoping you have something to celebrate as well as your birthday! Hugs!
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Round 5 is a Go

Side Effects from Round 4 were rough again.  I'm not sure if it was just the cumulative effect or if it was because of the blood clot and the addition of Xarelto.  I was able to stay ahead of most of the gastric issues but fatigue, appetite and bone/muscle pain issues were much worse this time. 

It took at least 14 days to recover and I never really fully recovered.  My arm swelling came back over the weekend just as I was starting to feel better so my oncologist wanted a repeat ultrasound and thankfully the jugular vein clot has totally resolved with the Xarelto.  I'll remain on it for at least 3 months but the good news today from my oncologist is that he wants the port removed shortly after I finish chemo.  I'm thrilled because when I was receiving the chemo for lymphoma my doctor wanted the port to remain for a least 6 months following treatment. 

I also got scheduled for my appointment with the radiation oncologist for August 2nd.  At that appointment I'll get a better idea of how much radiation I'll be receiving.  I'm hoping to be done with radiation by Canadian Thanksgiving.

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Sending good thoughts and positive wishes your way that Round 5 goes well. Hang in there, my friend! Hugs!
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You got this one since you're a long distance runner- you can win this marathon. Do you have a total of 6 rounds and then you're done with the chemo? Is the radiation being used as just a precaution? Is the finish line for 13.1 in sight?
MGBY, John
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Good analogy! Yes, I will follow chemo with radiation. I meet with radiation oncologist on August 2nd to get that set up. I also will continue with the targeted therapy Herceptin every 21 days until next April so I'm also viewing this as more of the halfway point.
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Hang in there sweetie. Thinking about you.
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