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Goodbye my friend!

Throughout my journey one thing never gets easier, losing friends gained on BFAC.  When I saw Fred's daughter was posting on his blog, I didn't even allow my mind to go to his passing.  I thought how sweet she is checking in for him.  I am heartbroken.  Certain BFAC friends hold a special place in my heart and Fred was one of those.  We shared a diagnosis and our initial treatment happened near the same time.  I hate this disease and that it has taken a great man from his family but I am honoured (yes I spelled it like a Canadian to further honor Fred) to have met him and called him my friend so today I will click on a few adds and paypal Jill a small donation so that these connections can be made for others.

Rest in Peace Fred and may Helen find comfort in this time of loss

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Danell..thank you for this. We must all do the same... So many friends gone..
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I will be making a donation to Jill in Fred's honour today, too. What a great idea. Thank you, Danell. Big, long hugs to you, Danell. Danean
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I am shocked and saddened but also loved the tone and fighting spirit in Fred's daughter's post. I know many of us are reeling from this. Love and prayers to Fred's family. Thanks for posting. I am off to click ads and find tissues.
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Thanks for the sweet post. heartbroken is the right word. ugh, I can't think about it too much or I will start crying again. Hitting me hard today.
Danell-- I was very sorry to hear of Fred's passing and I can imagine the commonalities you two shared makes this especially difficult for you. God bless Fred and God bless you, my friend, for the support you gave to him and continue to give to all of your BFAC friends.
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I am so sad.
This loss was so shocking and every time I think of Fred--I shed a tear. He provided so much support and love. I am so saddened.
I am heartbroken too - what a great spirit he had. I will miss him.
Here's hoping you have a great B-Day and many, many more dear friend Hugs Val
Oh my, I just found out about Fred...he was one of the first who I msde friends with, when did this happen? My computer hasn't been up and running the way it should, and its been a long time since Iv been on this site...I am so sad to hear this, he had been doing so well....Peace be with you Fred, and prayers for your family.
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Long time no post!

Hey all!  Sorry I've just been cruising the site lately and not posting.  Easier sometimes to just check in on all of you than delve deeply into my cancer history I guess.  This fall I've been dealing with some kidney issues.  I have a history of kidney stones so nothing new and nothing made better by chemo I'm afraid to say.  Urologist office is definitely as bad as any oncologist probably because most of the men there are for treatment for prostate issues caused by cancer or cancer's treatment.

One month till my 3 year scans and I have now been dealing with fevers.  Nightly fever for the past week.  I'm hopeful this too is a kidney issue.  I'll definitely keep you updated.  Just a little nervous that it could be the dreaded B symptoms that I avoided last time.  Doesn't help that I've lost 4 lbs since they started but then again who eats when you feel crappy with a fever.

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Debbie, Bobbi threw a punch at your cancer.
5 people sent you a prayer.
4 people sent you a hug.
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Well, sh*t! I hope these symptoms point to something minor and nothing sinister. Perhaps the fever is island fever! ;) That is easy to cure with a trip to the Keys. May your upcoming scan give you the all clear and peace of mind, my friend! Keep us posted, please. Hugs!
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Move up that scan! It will show your kidney as well.
Tricia - I will if urine and blood work don't show any bacterial infection. Recently have had several Xray like tests for kidneys (Retrograde Pyelogram with cystogram and a Kidney function test) follow up appt is Nov 19th. Trying not to bug oncologist because last scan was moved up due to night sweats and it showed nothing so I'm trying not to be the boy who cried wolf :-)
It's one month til my three year scans too Danell! Why oh why does the body have to act up NOW?? I would definitely check with the doc about the fever and weight loss. Are you having night sweats too? All three are the dreaded "b" symptoms. I would usually not wish the flu or illness on anyone but I hope you have a minor bug - but please don't wait a month to get that checked out. I wish you resolution to these worrisome issues and kidney problems and clean scans in December. Good to see you!
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Night sweats on and off but I had those before last PET and nothing showed up then.
Great to see you here, Danell! You sound like you're in a good place mentally. I'm glad that you're recognizing that these symptoms were nothing last time. This does give tremendous hope that they'll be nothing this time, too. That is my hope, prayer and expectation. Please keep us posted. Hugs and love and a big welcome back! Danean
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Good to see you here just to say hi - and to share...I have night sweats off and on and have finally realized that they really are nothing except the after effects of all that treatment. Hang in there and let us know what happens....hugs
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Hi Danell, I hope your kidney issues are resolved and your 3 year scans are clean. Let us know how you are doing. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
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